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Mette Mitchell: Random Acts of Kindness


Mette Mitchell: Random Acts of Kindness:
Once I had an office on Tottenham Court Road, it was a great place to work. It was cool to be working 'in the city' and I loved the life filled with coffee's, sandwich lunches and after work drinks.

Every morning I would pick up my coffee in Costa, but I was surrounded by all the coffee chains. I liked Costa though, because it was actually possible to catch a familiar face behind the counter and at one point I would always get my coffee from the same guy as he knew what I was having. It was easy and nice at the same time. There is something reassuring about recognising people when you live in London. But then one day when I came in for my coffee, he made it for me, gave it to me AND TOLD ME IT WAS FREE! "Its on me" he said with a big fat smile. What the......!? But I gave Costa-Coffee-Guy my best smile and went back to the office with a little spring in my step, and I was feeling really HAPPY and super lucky. It was kind, it was honest, it was personal and it was plainly really really nice. And from then he just started to give me my coffee for free every now and again, as I obviously continued to get my coffee from there.

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